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Interesting facts about Bummel Shoes

A stunning leather Bummel Shoe is contemporary, yet classic - a must-have in any wardrobe. Wear it casually with jeans or dressed up for a smarter look. Our shoes are stylish and full of character. An original Bummel shoe means quality, individuality, comfort and durability. Not mass-produced but made with love in South Africa.

Each pair is handmade from handpicked African leather, making each shoe a unique one of a kind.

Handmade with attention to detail - no shortcuts.

Leather all the way. 80% of your foot sweat is absorbed by the insole. If that sole was synthetic, where does the sweat go?

Synthetic causes sweaty, wet and smelly shoes. We love the fact that we use the most expensive veg tanned leather insole that is odourless and moulds into the shape of your foot.

You can even wear your shoes without socks. No bad smell. Full grain leather uppers are used that are breathable and heat-regulating, repel water and are easy to clean.
We can’t make a shoe with a pure leather upper and leather insole and then put plastic inside. That is why we pride ourselves in using leather lining to complete the perfect all-leather shoe.


Flexibility. Imagine a shoe to fit your foot like a glove.

This is what a full-leather shoe will become. It takes the shape of your foot and becomes your most comfortable wear.

These shoes are made to last!

How to determine your shoe size

We would love to send you the right size first time so could you please measure your feet as explained below to determine your right Bummel size. Please note that Bummel shoes are generally made for  wider feet. If you have a very narrow foot, your foot will be quite loose in our shoes. Adding a footbed generally fills that extra space.

1. Stand upright with your weight evenly distributed on both your feet, placing one foot on a piece of paper. 

2. Ask someone to mark the spot where your heel touches the paper. Not the wide back curve of your heel but rather where the skin of your heel touches the paper.(See picture below)

3. Mark the longest toe looking straight down from above. Note that your big toe is not always your longest toe.

4. Draw to parallel lines and measure the distance between them.

5. See size chart to determine your size for the style you have chosen. Note different styles have different lengths. In the size charts your foot length will correspond with a Bummel size so you can know what to order. 

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