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The MR308 is a semi-automatic rifle in calibre .308 Win. It is the civilian version of the HK417 used by the police and military in the same quality and with the same high standards of precision, safety and reliability. As an indirect gas-operated weapon, the MR308, like its smaller brother, the MR223, works with the proven and reliable gas system of the G36. The high-precision longarm in AR design is fully suitable for hunting and among sport shooters a guarantee for top results in static and dynamic rifle disciplines.

The MR308 is available in 13, 16.5 and 20 inch barrel lengths. The cold-hammer-forged and hard-chrome-plated precision barrels are free-floating and ensure excellent accuracy. The Slim Line handguard with HKey interfaces fits snugly on the extended barrel nut, ensuring that no components warp or start to wobble under load. The extendable Slim Line buttstock in combination with the short barrel length makes the MR308 extremely easy to handle. The buttstock can be optimally adjusted to the physique by means of locking positions. Identical to the MR223, the big brother MR308 has controls on both sides and symmetrically arranged for a balanced combination of handling and control. Quick changes from right- to left-hand usage are possible, as is trouble-free operation by left-handed shooters.

Heckler & Koch. Model MR 308 13" Barrel