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This is the ultimate light-weight versatile silencer, suitable for standard and magnum calibers.  Weighing 231 grams and extending 119 mm in front of the muzzle it is a compact lightweight silencer with a suppression level only seen in larger and much heavier silencers. This silencer is suited for most shooting situations.


Diameter: 49,5mm 
Weight: Approx. 231 g
Total Length: 170mm, telescoping design.
Length in front of barrel: 122 mm
Suppression rate: 32+ dB
Core: Titanium 3D
Bafflestack: Titanium 3D
Housing: Aerospace aluminum


Suited for magnum calibers up to .300 Win Mag. Max cal. Cal. .224, 6.5mm .30 cal, 9,5 mm


½”28, ½”20, M13x1, M14x1, M15x1, 
5/8”24, M17x1, M18x1, M18x1.5

Freyr & Devik Ultimate Silence 3D 231