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This is the ultimate ultra-light silencer for use with standard calibers. The construction is so light that it is almost unnoticeable on the weapon. This model weighs only 131 grams and gives an unprecedented "suppression to weight ratio". The 131 is well suited for lightweight guns as well as active shooting where the balance of the gun is of greatest importance. Its small diameter and slim shape are ideal for those who use scopes with low magnification for rapid target acquisition as it covers only a small part of the field of view when looking through the scope. Being front mounted it can in most cases be used with open sights.



Diameter: 42.9 mm 
Weight: Approx.  131 g
Total Length: 138 mm, Front mount
Length in front of barrel: 122 mm 
Suppression rate: 27+ dB
Core: Titanium 3D
Bafflestack: Titanium 3D
Housing: Aerospace aluminum


Centerfire calibers up to .308 Win.  
Max. Cal.  .224, 6.5mm, .30 cal


½”28, ½”20, M13x1, M14x1, M15x1,

5/8”24, M17x1, M18x1, M18x1.5

Freyr & Devik Ultimate Silence 3D 131