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Even though it has a very high rate of suppression it only weighs a remarkable 269 grams. This light weight makes for excellent handle-ability and retains the natural balance of the rifle. This is a max suppression silencer. It eliminates muzzle flash effectively and gives minimum recoil. This is something that is crucial for hunting when it is dark at dawn and dusk.


Suppression: 32+ dB
Weight: Approx. 269g
Length in front of muzzle: 145 mm
Total Length: 224 mm
Diameter: 49.5 mm

Core: Titanium

Casing:  Hard anodized aluminum

Baffle stack and tube: Hard anodized aluminum


M14x1, M15x1,M17x1, M18x1

½”28, ½”20, ⅝”24

Spigot insert: M14, M15, M17

Threads of M15x1 and smaller have an inner tube that can accommodate barrels of up to 19.5mm. Threads larger than M15x1 can accommodate barrels of up to 22.5mm in diameter.


Standard calibers


Freyr & Devik Featherweight 269