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Comes with EAW rings Gen 1.

Another breakthrough in hunting technology by Swarovski Optik, the Swarovski dS Riflescope combines the latest in ballistic calculations with brilliance in optical performance to result in the ultimate hunting scope.


Projecting relevant ballstic data, including the correct aiming point for the distance, angle, air pressure, and temperature, the Swarovski dS riflescope does not require manual adjustment. The aiming point is calculate in real-time on the basis of individual ballistic data for your firearm and ammunition, and both the condition data and the aiming point are shown via a high-resolution heads-up displayin the scope tube.


Ballistic data is input through the dS Configurator application and the calculated ballistic trajectory curve is transmitted directly to the dS via Bluetooth wireless technology.


+ Dioptric Compensation: -3 to +2 dpt

+ Display: LCoS Monochrome


+ Measurement Range: 30-1,375m / 33-1,500yds

+ Measurement Precision: +/- 1m / +/- 1yds

+ Measurement Time: ≤0.7s

+ Angle Measurement: +/- 60°

+ Max Aiming Point Correction: 1024m / 1120yds

+ Display Height Adjustment Up/Down at 25x Magnification: 0.13-0.47m @ 100m / 4.68-16.92" @ 100yds

+ Display Lateral Adjustment Left/Right at 25x Magnification: 0.22-0.22m @ 100m / 7.92-7.92" @ 100yds

+ Laser: Class 1 EN/FDA

+ Measurement Units: Yards/Meters

+ Display Duration: 40/60/80s

+ Battery Warning: 100x

+ Display Switch-Off Warning: 10s

+ Add-on Program: dS Configurator (iOS 8.1+; Android 4.4 KitKat+)

+ Program Interface: Bluetooth

+ Minimum Interface Range: 2m

+ Battery: CR 123

+ Operating Time: ~500 activations

+ Brightness Levels: 64

+ Functional Temperature (Electronics): -10/55°C / 14-131°F

+ Functional Temperature (Mechanical): -20/55°C / -4-158°F

+ Submersion Tightness: 0.4 bar

Swarovski dS 5-25x52 Riflescope

SKU: 708026710001D