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Freyr 280 Titanium is our magnum suppressor. This is an effective very lightweight, balanced and robust silencer - especially designed for hunting and longevity. In 2017 the Freyr 280 Titanium silencer received the prestigious RED DOT design award.


Suppression: 28+ dB

Weight: Approx. 280 g

Length in front of muzzle: 125 mm

Total Length: 213 mm

Diameter: 49.5 mm

Core: Titanium

Casing:  Hard anodized aluminum

Baffle stack and tube: Hard anodized aluminum

½”28, ½”20, M13x1, 14x1, M15x1, ⅝”24, M17x1, M18x1 


Standard and magnum calibers. .22/6.5mm/.30/9.5mm

Freyr & Devik - TITANIUM 280